IDR, Grade 5, Easy Fiction, Set 2

Item Number: IDR2-F5-E-S2 | ISBN: 978-1-68246-071-9

Support struggling readers with 15 below-grade-level fiction titles that invite and encourage students to read, support their independent practice, and help them develop a love of reading. Set two of two.


Title Author
Are You Ready to Hatch an Unusual Chicken? Kelly Jones
Baker’s Magic Diane Zahler
The Center of Everything Linda Urban
Fish in a Tree Lynda Mullaly Hunt
Hour of the Bees Lindsay Eagar
Laugh-eteria Douglas Florian
Malcolm at Midnight W. H. Beck
Mistakes Were Made Stephan Pastis
New Kid Jerry Craft
Paint The Wind Pam Munoz Ryan
Rules Cynthia Lord
Scrap City D. S. Thornton
The Sword of Summer Rick Riordan
Three Times Lucky Sheila Turnage
Towers Falling Jewell Parker Rhodes

Book titles subject to change