IDR, Grade 5, Easy Nonfiction, Set 2

Item Number: IDR2-NF5-E-S2 | ISBN: 978-1-68246-072-6

Support struggling readers with 15 below-grade-level nonfiction titles that invite and encourage students to read, support their independent practice, and help them develop a love of reading. Set two of two.


Title Author
Animal Talk Etta Kaner
Astronaut Ellen Ochoa Heather E. Schwartz
Bionic Bodies Megan Kopp
Blue Whales Ashley Gish
Breathtaking Beetles Catherine Ipcizade
Celebrate! Jan Reynolds
Crimebusting and Detection Helene Boudreau
Innovations in Health L.E. Carmichael
Jacqueline Woodson Lisa M. Bolt Simons
Jazz Walter Dean Myers / Christopher Myers (Illustrator)
Louis Sockalexis Bill Wise
Malala Yousafzai Karen Leggett Abouraya
No More!: Stories and Songs of Slave Resistance Doreen Rappaport
Scrapes with Snakes! Brady Barr
Solar Power Laurie Brearley

Book titles subject to change