IDR, Grade 5, On-level Nonfiction, Set 1B

Item Number: IDR2-NF5-OL-S1B | ISBN: 978-1-68246-067-2

Provide your students with engaging, authentic children’s literature. These 15 on-grade-level nonfiction titles can be used to round out your classroom library, support independent reading time, and help students develop a love of reading. Four sets (1A, 1B, 2A, and 2B) are available for purchase.


Title Author
Amelia to Zora Cynthia Chin-Lee
Bethany Hamilton Jenni L. Walsh
Buildings Inspired by Nature Mary Boone
Environmental Scientists in Action Robin Johnson
Exploring Constellations Sara L. Latta
Flags of the World Lyn Coutts
Fossils Ava Sawyer
I and I Tony Medina
Investigating Tornadoes Elizabeth Elkins
Kids of Kabul Deborah Ellis
Leon’s Story Leon Walter Tillage
The Natural World Jon Richards and Ed Simkins
Plagues and Pandemics Kate Messner
Robotics Engineering and Our Automated World Rebecca Sjonger
The Wildlife Detectives Donna M. Jackson

Book titles subject to change