IDR, Grade K, Challenging Nonfiction, Set 1

Item Number: IDR2-NFK-C-S1 | ISBN: 978-1-61003-969-7

Help students find and engage with increasingly complex texts. Build out your classroom library with 15 above-grade-level nonfiction titles and give students practice with books appropriate for their level. Support a lifelong love of reading with authentic children’s literature. Set one of two.


Title Author
All About Wetlands Christina Mia Gardeski
Around the Moon 1,2,3: A Space Counting Book Tracey E. Dils
Baby Animals in Dens Martha E.H. Rustad
Dump Trucks Haul! Beth Bence Reinke
A Gorilla’s Nest Arthur Best
Greta Thunberg Katlin Sarantou
Let’s Recycle! Jenna Lee Gleisner
Let’s Save Water! Jenna Lee Gleisner
Planting Seeds Kathryn Clay
Service Dogs Marie Brandle
Sizes in Nature Jennifer Marino Walters
Slow, Slow Sloths Bonnie Bader
The Story of a Crayon Robin Nelson
Syrup R.J. Bailey
Teeth Rebecca Rissman

Book titles subject to change