IDR, Grade K, Easy Nonfiction, Set 1

Item Number: IDR2-NFK-E-S1 | ISBN: 978-1-61003-963-5

Support struggling readers with 15 below-grade-level nonfiction titles that invite and encourage students to read, support their independent practice, and help them develop a love of reading. Set one of two.


Title Author
1,2,3 to the Zoo Eric Carle
26 Letters and 99 Cents Tana Hoban
A Trip to the Recycling Center Sara Milner
Cat Cecilia Minden
Colors Dona Herweck Rice
Fast and Slow Erica Donner
First 100 Animals Roger Priddy
Go Truck! Czeena Devera
Hot and Cold Erica Donner
How Many? Counting to 5 Miranda Kelly
I See Shapes Marcia Fries
Shapes Douglas Bender
Skunk Kits Genevieve Nilsen
Which Is Biggest? Miranda Kelly
Who Am I? Bobbie Kalman

Book titles subject to change