SIPPS Plus, 3rd Edition

Item Number: SPS3-CPP-REV | ISBN: 978-1-68246-453-3

SIPPS Plus is uniquely designed to help older students (grades 4–12) master foundational skills in the simple alphabetic and spelling-pattern phases of reading development.

Students who complete SIPPS Plus continue with SIPPS Challenge Level to master the polysyllabic/morphemic phase of reading development.


  • Teacher’s Manual
  • Handheld Spelling-Sound cards (2 sets)
  • Handheld Sight Word Cards (2 sets)
  • Spelling-Sound Wall Cards
  • Dreams on Wheels decodable readers (set of 12)
  • Teacher’s Portfolio for instructional materials
  • Access to:
    • Learning Portal (7-year license)
    • Digital Teacher’s Set
    • Digital versions of the controlled-vocabulary text
    • ClassView Pro assessment app
    • Card Deck App
  • Intensive Multisensory Instruction for SIPPS Handbook
  • Trace and Write student books (set of 12)


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