SIPPS Plus, 3rd Ed.

Item Number: SPS3-CPP-REV | ISBN: 978-1-68246-453-3

Designed for students in grades 4–12 who are reading on a first- or beginning second-grade level, the SIPPS Plus program teaches phonological awareness, phonics, and high-frequency sight words. The program provides the same content as Beginning and Extension Levels of SIPPS and includes reading selections that still match the decoding instruction, but are age-appropriate and compelling for older readers. Now includes Intensive Multisensory Instruction for SIPPS. See what’s included below.


Includes Teacher’s Manual in a three-ring binder, Handheld Spelling-Sound cards (2 sets), Handheld Sight Word Cards (2 sets), Spelling-Sound Wall Cards, Dreams on Wheels decodable readers (set of 12), Teacher’s Portfolio for instructional materials, and digital Teacher’s Manual with embedded professional development and links to electronic assessment support and a web-based card app, and Intensive Multisensory Instruction for SIPPS.