Professional Development: SIPPS

Levels of Support

boy reading

Starting the Conversation

A two-hour engaging workshop at no charge


Developing Fluency Fast
Foundational skills are critical to students developing into independent, fluent readers. Participants explore a comprehensive framework for literacy instruction to understand how the ability to decode fast and well impacts how students of all ages and ability levels are able to comprehend and write. They learn how the research-based scope and sequence of routines in the SIPPS program help students develop the confidence and skills they need to make meaning of increasingly complex texts.

Format Option

  • In-person workshop

Beginning the Work

An interactive introduction to get started


Participants explore the components of the SIPPS program and practice using the placement test and interactive routines to promote fluency and impact comprehension. They examine how the early stages of the program incorporate texts that are aligned with instruction to foster confidence in students as they develop the foundational skills necessary to become capable, independent, lifelong readers.

Format Options

  • SIPPS On-Site Support for beginning instruction or intervention
    • Learn how to implement the SIPPS program to support students and their development of the foundational skills. Explore the instructional components of the program along with the supports to assist implementation. Included: print and digital Teacher's Manual, SIPPS Assessment Tool, SIPPS Card App, animations of lesson routines, videos of each instruction routine, and access to online resources.
  • Webinar: DSC-hosted
    • Introductory sessions can be offered as live webinars hosted by a DSC national education consultant.

Deepening the Practice

Options for taking the work to the next level

Format Topics

  • Connecting with State Standards
  • Supporting RtI: Prevention and Intervention
  • Progress Monitoring and Teacher Decisions
  • Routines, Pacing, and Grouping
  • Supporting the 4–12 Struggling Reader
  • IDR: Path to Fluency and Comprehension

Format Options

  • All-staff sessions
    • Topics chosen from the list above
  • Classroom observation
    • Address implementation issues
  • Model lessons
    • See DSC pedagogy in action
    • Explore facilitation techniques
    • Observe conferring with students
  • Grade-level team planning
    • Powerful lesson planning
    • Q+A about lessons, pedagogy, and facilitation