Professional Learning System for Collaborative Literacy

Aligning Professional Learning With Collaborative Literacy to Improve Teaching and Learning

The Professional Learning System for Collaborative Literacy™ is designed to help school and district leaders support the implementation of the Being a Reader™, Making Meaning®, and Being a Writer™ programs.

Written for leaders and designed to span all phases of implementation, the Professional Learning System for Collaborative Literacy provides a pathway for aligning professional learning with the Collaborative Literacy curriculum. The guidance, tools, and resources provided in the system empower leaders to build internal expertise and capacity for improving teacher practice and student outcomes.

High-quality Materials

Components provide the support and resources needed for planning and facilitating effective professional learning.

The Professional Learning System for Collaborative Literacy includes:

  • The Leader’s Guide to driving the effective, scalable implementation from pre-launch planning all the way through Year 5
  • A five-year site license to online resources and tools such as detailed agendas and slides (for professional learning sessions and staff meetings), sample calendars and schedules, observation tools and surveys, guidance for creating launch and implementation plans, tips for a successful multi-year implementation, and access to a wide array of colleagues across the country via the networks in the Collaborative Classroom Community
  • Two professional books: The Lesson Planning Handbook by Peter Brunn and Professional Learning Redefined by Isabel Sawyer and Marisa Ramirez Stukey