Virtual Professional Learning Workshops Series

Series 3: Supporting a Strong SIPPS Implementation: The Essentials for Teachers of SIPPS

This five-part series of professional learning workshops focuses on the essentials to support a strong SIPPS implementation. We will feature unique aspects of each SIPPS level, prepare to use the Placement Assessment to form groups, gain an understanding of the lesson structure and instructional routines, learn how to make instructional decisions to accelerate student learning, and prepare to teach SIPPS effectively in a remote setting.

Session One: Introduction to SIPPS
Teachers of SIPPS will be provided an understanding of the design of the SIPPS program, learn about the unique aspects of the SIPPS levels, and start to gain an understanding of the lesson structure and instructional routines.

Session Two: Placement and Grouping
Teachers of SIPPS will examine the scope and sequence of instruction and understand how to use the placement assessment data to group for instruction. Participants will be provided support for grouping students for instruction.

Session Three: Lesson Structure and Routines
Teachers of SIPPS will learn about the lesson structure unique to each level of SIPPS including foundational skills routines and application routines. Participants will be provided opportunities to practice instructional routines.

Session Four: Instructional Decision Making
Teachers of SIPPS will learn about how to make instructional decisions to accelerate student learning. Participants will delve into the in-program supports that guide instructional decision-making: Corrective Feedback, Reteaching List B, Practice Lists, and Additional sight word support.  Participants will learn how to use the data to determine a need for including the intensive SIPPS routine enhancements.

Session Five: SIPPS Instruction in a Live Remote Setting
Teachers of SIPPS will learn how to leverage the SIPPS instructional materials in a live, remote setting including how to effectively provide live SIPPS lessons that are engaging, focused, and attentive to the students.

Who Should Register: Register for this series if you are a teacher, coach, leader, or other educator who is preparing to launch SIPPS, or who is seeking to re-invigorate your SIPPS implementation. Teams are recommended.

Registration Options
This series will be offered twice: once in July and once in August. Select the series track that works for you.

Dates for Series 3, Track 1: July 21, 23, 28, 30, August 4.
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Dates for Series, 3, Track 2: August 6, 11, 13, 18, 20.
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Time: 3:00–5:00 PM Eastern Time

Fee: $99 per person. (Payment via credit card only, please)

This series is designed to provide live, interactive, and hands-on experiences; it will not be recorded.

Please be prepared to engage in pre-work, have program materials in hand, and actively use the Zoom Meeting platform for learning, collaboration, and collegial conversations.

Space is limited to ensure the quality of our virtual professional learning. Each track accommodates a maximum of 100 registrants, who will be grouped into two cohorts of 50 participants.

Two days prior to the first session in the series, you will receive a notification indicating your 50-person cohort. Cohorts will engage in the learning across all sessions. Collaborative Classroom will make every effort to group cohorts by district.

Questions? Please contact or call 510.533.0213 ext 239. To read the Refund and Cancellation Policy for these virtual Professional Learning Series, please click here.