AfterSchool KidzBooks

What Is AfterSchool KidzBooks?

The AfterSchool KidzBooks sets are designed to be appealing and engaging to kids who are ready for some fun and relaxation after the school day.

These high-interest, inviting collections of children’s books for grades K–6 are perfect for independent reading, for reading aloud, for kids reading together, and for extending your AfterSchool KidzLit experience.

"Diverse Books for Diverse Learners"

What’s Included

Each carefully chosen, 20-book collection contains books that represent many genres, reading levels, and styles of writing that kids enjoy. The collections contain diverse texts that were specifically chosen to reflect the students who read them. The KidzBooks sets’ thoughtful mix of fiction and nonfiction titles spread across three levels of reading ability (easy, on-level, and challenging) ensures every child in your group will be able to find a book to read.

Each grade-level set contains

  • 20 high-interest leveled children’s literature books—10 fiction titles and 10 nonfiction titles
  • a handbook to support leaders using the books as read-aloud experiences, for independent reading, and for children reading books together. (Download the handbook here.)

Books to Support English Language Learners

To help promote bilingual literacy in your after-school reading program, use the Spanish-language and bilingual AfterSchool KidzBooks sets as read-alouds or for independent reading. There are three sets of 20 fiction books, one each for grades K–1, 2–3, and 4–5. Carefully selected to represent a mix of popular, engaging, and traditional literature, each set includes books in Spanish or English and Spanish, and supports children reading below, at, and above grade level.