AfterSchool KidzLibrary

What Is AfterSchool KidzLibrary?

Children learn how to read in school, but you can support them during out-of-school time by offering books that encourage them to put reading into practice in their free time. Research shows that reading proficiency increases with the amount of time children spend reading on their own. Providing children with a variety of books at their reading level gives them the opportunity to read independently for pleasure, information, and exploration.

The AfterSchool KidzLibrary sets for grades K–6 were developed to address the fact that children develop as readers at their own pace. Sets offer lots of books, so all readers can find books that are “just right” for both their reading level and interests. Additionally, these collections represent a range of genres and cultures, including books that model important values such as fairness, responsibility, and cooperation. AfterSchool KidzLibrary sets help you build a library of leveled fiction and nonfiction books that allow every child to find books that they can read independently and with confidence.

What’s Included

Each grade-level set offers

  • eight 15-book sets with an equal number of engaging fiction and nonfiction titles (Guided Reading and Lexile levels provided when applicable)
  • varied reading levels to support all readers (50% on grade level, 25% below grade level, 25% above grade level)
  • an Independent Reading Time Handbook, to help after-school leaders implement an effective independent reading program. Download it here.