AfterSchool KidzLit

What is AfterSchool KidzLit?

AfterSchool KidzLit is a reading enrichment program for grades K–5 that is designed for out-of-school settings. Children hear fiction and nonfiction books read aloud or read books independently and make connections between the stories and their own lives.

Working with partners or in groups, children have opportunities to express their feelings and explore big ideas through discussion, drama, art, movement, and writing. The program promotes literacy growth and thinking skills and supports social and emotional development.

In AfterSchool KidzLit, leaders use powerful literature and engaging activities to increase children’s enjoyment of reading, build their vocabularies, deepen their thinking, and foster their ability to work with others.

Honoring Diversity and the Viewpoints of Others

In AfterSchool KidzLit, children see themselves represented in the literature, and learn to understand other perspectives and cultures through large and small group activities with their peers.

  • Through reading and listening, children learn to better understand others and their viewpoints.
  • By using cooperative strategies and focusing on social skills in all the activities, children demonstrate collaborative skills that support cooperative learning.
  • Children communicate effectively with individuals from varied backgrounds.
  • Children use effective conflict resolution skills by making decisions about how they are going to work together.

Developing Literacy and Thinking Skills

In each activity, leaders use a five-part process to build and develop children’s literacy skills. Leaders introduce the story, read and talk about it, and help young people see how it relates to their own lives. Throughout this five-part process, children

  • learn to use new words
  • identify and discuss big ideas
  • make predictions about text
  • keep journals
  • draw pictures and talk before writing
  • record their ideas.

Leaders use a variety of strategies to stimulate ideas and collaboration among the children, including

  • brainstorming
  • visualizing
  • group charting
  • mind mapping
  • partner reading
  • chatting with buddies
  • drawing
  • pantomiming
  • incorporating music.

Fostering Social and Emotional Development

The books and activities in the program develop and deepen core values, including

  • helpfulness
  • fairness
  • personal responsibility
  • perseverance
  • self-respect
  • respect for others


Three assessment tools provide information that helps leaders understand their children and plan books and activities. The tools help leaders identify both how well their kids understand the books and how they feel about reading.

Correlation to the Standards

AfterSchool KidzLit is aligned with the Common Core, the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) standards, and other state standards. See all the available correlations here.

Common Core Reflection Tool

Our Common Core Reflection Tool to support students’ academic achievement and readiness for college and career. Download it here.

Professional Learning

A free, interactive online course is available at See how experienced leaders use the AfterSchool KidzLit program with their kids while getting an in-depth introduction to the program. This course has been tested by leaders all over the United States and was developed with the unique needs of out-of-school leaders in mind. It provides excellent training for new leaders and are a great refresher for those who are already AfterSchool KidzLit.

In-person Workshops

If you’re looking for training at your site or a location convenient to you, our in-person workshops are a great alternative to online training. Led by experienced trainers, these workshops provide leaders with the following:

  • An overview of the program
  • Hands-on experience with the program
  • Step-by-step guidelines for successful implementation
  • Ways to build caring and supportive peer relationships
  • Strategies to enhance kids’ cooperative and communication skills

To discuss options for your program, please call us at 800.666.7270, ext. 289.