AfterSchool KidzMath

What is AfterSchool KidzMath?

AfterSchool KidzMath offers expertly developed games and story guides that help kids practice mathematical concepts in engaging ways, and build confidence in their abilities. The cooperative nature of the program fosters children’s ability to make decisions with others, be responsible for their own learning and behavior, and have equal time to practice math skills.

The program for grades K–2 and 3–6 provides academic enrichment activities designed specifically for out-of-school settings. It gives children extra practice with the important skills they need to become confident math learners. Children develop mathematically and socially while having fun with cooperative math games and literature-based activities.

Developing Math Skills

AfterSchool KidzMath provides games, books, and activities that increase children’s understanding and enjoyment of mathematics. Guidelines help leaders select appropriate games and books that give children experience with important math and social skills. Most importantly, the kids have fun while learning!

KidzMath Games are designed for large and small groups and can be used with a range of ages. They include active games, as well as board games and are easy to play and store. Each set provides materials for indoor and outdoor games.

KidzMath Story Guides include popular children’s books and accompanying story guides link mathematics to everyday life. The stories have mathematical themes, represent various cultures, and appeal to children’s natural interests. Corresponding activities—including explorations, art, drama, movement, and games—extend the mathematical focus in the story and promote a spirit of cooperation and fun.

AfterSchool KidzMath offers considerable support, both for after-school staff with varying levels of experience and for classroom teachers and volunteers who want to build children’s math skills.

The program teaches the following math skills:

Primary Games Package (K–2)
  • Counting
  • Number relationships
  • Addition and subtraction
Intermediate Games Package (3–6)
  • Number sense
  • Multiplication and division
  • Fractions, decimals, and percents
Primary Story Guides Kit (K–2)
  • Number
  • Measurement
  • Geometry
Intermediate Story Guides Kit (3–6)
  • Number
  • Measurement/Geometry

Fostering Social and Emotional Development

Academic enrichment and social development are important both during the school day and out-of-school time. In the program, leaders use cooperative math games and literature-based activities to increase children’s enjoyment of mathematics, their mathematical understanding and skills, and their ability to work with others. The program explicitly helps children children learn to

  • make decisions
  • give and get help
  • play responsibly.

Seeing Themselves and Others in the Literature

In the books in AfterSchool KidzMath Story Guides, children see themselves represented in the literature and learn to understand other perspectives and cultures through large and small group activities with their peers. Throughout the program, the children

  • learn to better understand others and their viewpoints
  • develop collaborative skills through activities that foster cooperative learning
  • communicate effectively with individuals from varied backgrounds
  • use effective conflict resolution skills by making decisions about how they will work together.


Assessments can help identify children’s specific needs—in and after school. KidzMath assessments are a fun way to evaluate

  • kids’ math skills
  • how kids feel about working with others
  • if kids are progressing or need more time with certain math skills.

KidzMath offers two types of assessments: The Math Skills Assessments measure children’s math skills and an AfterSchool KidzMath Questionnaire measures how they feel about math and working with others. Both types of assessments are included in grade-range (1–3 or 3–6) assessment packets.

Support for the Standards

The program is aligned with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) standards, the
Common Core, and other state standards. See all the available correlations here.

Common Core Reflection Tool

Our Common Core Reflection Tool to support students’ academic achievement and readiness for college and career. Download it here.

Professional learning

A free, interactive online course is available at See how experienced leaders use the AfterSchool KidzMath program with their kids while getting an in-depth introduction to the program. This course has been tested by leaders all over the country and was developed with the unique needs of out-of-school leaders in mind. It provides excellent training for new leaders and are a great refresher for those who are already using AfterSchool KidzMath.

In-person Workshops

If you’re looking for training at your site or a location convenient to you, our in-person workshops are a great alternative to online training. Led by experienced trainers, these workshops provide leaders with

  • an overview of the program
  • hands-on experience with the program
  • step-by-step guidelines for successful implementation
  • ways to build caring and supportive peer relationships
  • strategies to enhance kids’ cooperative and communication skills.

To discuss options for your program, please call us at 800.666.7270, ext. 289.