Getting Started with Your Implementation

Get to Know Your New Collaborative Classroom Resources

Welcome to Collaborative Classroom!

If you are an educator who will be implementing a Collaborative Classroom program for the first time, you’re in the right place. We are excited to begin this teaching and learning journey with you.

Follow the steps below to get acquainted with your new Collaborative Classroom curriculum, access the complete program and professional learning resources, and jump-start your preparations for a successful implementation.

Claim Your Digital Resources on the Learning Portal

The Learning Portal is your home for all Collaborative Classroom digital resources: teacher’s manuals, assessments, apps, student materials, and more.

The Portal also makes it easy for you to get the latest updates. This is where you’ll receive alerts about new program resources, professional learning, video tutorials, online courses, correlations, and instructional support.

  • Register for the Learning Portal and Claim Your License
    • NOTE: If you have already created a trial account for the Learning Portal, please click here for instructions. If you have not created a trial account, follow the steps below.
    • Click the Learning Portal Self-Registration link to get started
    • Complete your profile and follow the steps until you receive a confirmation email
    • After you receive an activation confirmation email, Log in to the Learning Portal
    • Click on your name drop-down at the top right corner of your dashboard, select “Licenses,” select your program license(s), then click “Save”
    • Once you refresh the page, your selected program resources will appear in the “Resources” tab
  • Get Started
    • Now that you have registered and claimed your license(s), watch the informational video “Getting Started with the Learning Portal” for a concise guided tour of the Portal’s most useful features.

For technical assistance with the Portal, please contact

Explore Key Implementation Resources

Research-based and classroom-tested, Collaborative Classroom programs are designed to empower you as an educator, deepen your teaching practice, and help you foster your students’ growth as independent learners.

To understand the pedagogy and program design, we encourage you to explore the following resources.

  • In your Teacher’s Manual (your print manual or the digital version, which you’ll find on the Portal):
    • Take a minute to read the Introduction. This section contains valuable insights that will fast-track your preparations.
  • In the Learning Portal:
    • Go to the main Resources tab and select your programs. Within each program, explore the general program and grade-level resources for planning, quick-start, and implementation.
    • Go to the main Professional Learning/Implementation tab. Here you’ll find additional resources based on your programs to help you prepare.

Additional Resources and Ways to Stay in Touch

Once you’ve taken the steps above, here are additional resources to get your implementation off to a strong start.

What Questions Do You Have?

At Collaborative Classroom, we believe that implementing a new curriculum is both a journey and a partnership, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.

We welcome your questions, comments, and feedback. Please contact us anytime.