AfterSchool KidzMath Research

student in classroomProgram developers at Center for the Collaborative Classroom (CCC) collaborated with leading after-school organizations to create a program that focuses on number sense, measurement, and geometry. Here’s why:

  • Developing children’s number sense is the most important goal of elementary mathematics instruction.
  • Measurement is often overlooked in school instruction due to other pressures; outside of school, children have fewer and fewer opportunities to measure or see others measuring.
  • Elementary school instruction can help children learn shape names and early geometry concepts but may not develop the conceptual foundation needed to tackle the more abstract geometry.

To learn how AfterSchool KidzMath correlates to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, download our PDF.

To learn more about the program's effectiveness, click on the Research Results link above to read about studies that measured the impact AfterSchool KidzMath has on children's attitudes towards learning and their academic performance.