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AfterSchool KidzScience was developed by The Lawrence Hall of Science in close collaboration with Center for the Collaborative Classroom (CCC). This unique partnership brings together deep expertise in effective, inquiry-based science education from The Lawrence Hall of Science and experience from DSC in developing and publishing after-school and in-school programs that promote children’s academic, ethical, and social development.

The AfterSchool KidzScience program provides children the opportunity to explore core ideas by engaging in the practices of science called for in the 2013 Next Generation Science Standards. Each AfterSchool KidzScience kit is designed to allow children to construct an understanding of one core idea in science—such as air resistance—by conducting investigations and designing solutions. During their explorations, children are exposed to larger, crosscutting concepts in science, such as cause and effect, patterns, and systems.

Correlations to the Next Generation Science Standards for the AfterSchool KidzScience program are available here.