Making Meaning Research

Making Meaning is the first program of its kind to combine research-based best practices in reading comprehension and vocabulary development with support for fostering children’s social development.

Research by reading experts such as P. David Pearson, Michael Pressley, Lucy McCormick Calkins, Ellin Oliver Keene, Nell K. Duke, and Susan Zimmerman forms the scientific basis for the Making Meaning program. Additionally, the following practices endorsed by the authors of Best Practice: Bringing Standards to Life in America’s Classrooms are incorporated into the Making Meaning program:

  • Reading aloud to students
  • Giving students their choice of reading material
  • Teacher modeling and discussing his or her own reading processes
  • Teaching skills in the context of complete, diverse, and meaningful literary works
  • Daily independent reading with time for discussion
  • Providing structured help during reading
  • Providing after-reading applications
  • Holistic assessments

Classroom evaluations show that Making Meaning works, and the embedded professional learning in the program helps teachers to effectively use these strategies and refine their practice.