Math Explorer Research

The Math Explorer program was created by the Exploratorium, a leader in inquiry-based, hands-on education. This learn-by-doing approach to science and math education invites an exploration of important principles and helps students learn by asking questions and experimenting.

San Francisco’s Exploratorium is a nationally recognized science center founded by famed scientist Fran Oppenheimer. The activities in the Explorer programs are drawn from the hundreds of interactive exhibits at the museum that stimulate learning and cleverly illustrate scientific concepts and natural phenomena.

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Based on Research

Each activity is based on a mathematical skill or science concept corrRlated to standards of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) or the National Science Education (NSE) Standards.

Approved by Middle School Youth

The Math Explorer activities were tested extensively in out-of-school programs. Every activity included has has been successful in capturing the attention of middle schoolers, including youth who are challenged or turned off by mathematics in school.