SIPPS Symposium, Fall 2021

SIPPS Symposium: Enacting K–12 Systematic Foundational Skills Instruction

October 28, 2021
2:00–5:00 PM Eastern Time

The development of accuracy and automaticity through the mastery of foundational skills is a crucial aspect of literacy instruction—research shows that this is a catalyst that allows students to flourish as readers and writers.

This virtual Symposium will explore best practices in K–12 foundational skills instruction through the lens of the SIPPS (Systematic Instruction in Phonological Awareness, Phonics, and Sight Words) curriculum. 

Whether you are a new teacher of SIPPS, an experienced user, or if you’re simply looking for information about the program, the Symposium offers a learning opportunity for you. 


Symposium Agenda

2:00–2:45 PM Eastern / 1:00–1:45 Central / 11:00–11:45 AM Pacific

“Enacting the Science of Reading: From Systems to Classroom Practice—A Roundtable Discussion” with Linda Diamond, Dr. Tracy Weeden, and Dr. Rebecca Tolson

Learning Tracks
3:00–5:00 PM Eastern / 2:00–4:00 PM Central / 12:00–2:00 PM Pacific

Track 1
 (Informational Webinars): SIPPS Roundtables, Grades K–3 and 4–12: Conversations with Teachers and Leaders

Track 2: (Professional Learning Workshop): Getting Started with the SIPPS Program

Track 3: (Professional Learning Workshop): Going Deeper with the SIPPS Program

View or download a flyer about the Symposium.

Opening Keynote

“Enacting the Science of Reading: From Systems to Classroom Practice—
A Roundtable Discussion”

Join our esteemed panel for a roundtable webinar about the principles of the science of reading and how they come to life in our classrooms. The discussion will focus on the need for explicit and systematic instruction to develop fluency and automaticity in service of comprehension. 

Time: 2:00–2:45 PM EST
Fee: Complimentary for all registrants

Learning Tracks

Track 1: Informational Track 

Track 1 is complimentary. It is designed for educators who do not use SIPPS and are interested in learning about the program. (Please note that Track 1 is not professional learning.)

The track consists of two roundtable-style webinars, in which we will hear from SIPPS educators about their experiences implementing a structured-literacy approach to foundational skills for grades K–3 and 4–12. These webinars will be recorded.

SIPPS for grades K–3: 3:00–3:45 PM EST
In this webinar, we’ll hear from district leaders, coaches, and educators who are implementing SIPPS to support K–3 students’ mastery of foundational skills. Panelists include:

• Susanna Hogan, Early Reading Intervention Instructional Specialist, Richmond Public Schools, VA
• Stacey Franklin, Coordinator of Literacy Performance, Falcon D49, CO
• Jacki Carrasco, Director of Elementary Curriculum, Woodstock Community School District, IL

SIPPS for grades 4–12: 4:00–4:45 PM EST
In this webinar, we’ll learn from leaders, coaches, and educators who are using SIPPS as an intervention to effectively accelerate students’ foundational skills mastery in grades 4–12. Panelists include:

• Mollie Altick-Magill, Curriculum Coordinator K-12 Literacy, St. Johns County, FL
• Mariko Wesley-Fagundes, Education Specialist, West Sonoma County Union High School District, West Sonoma, CA
• Jennifer Rios-Alers, Instructional Coach, Greeley-Evans School District 6, Greeley, CO
• Kim Dudley, Instructional Coach, Seminole County, FL

Time: 3:00–4:45 PM EST
Fee: Complimentary

Track 2: Getting Started with the SIPPS Program 

This professional learning track is for teachers, interventionists, Title 1 teachers, and coaches who have been teaching SIPPS for less than 6 months, or are new teachers of SIPPS this fall. 

Participants will engage in a two-hour, highly interactive virtual workshop to understand the design of the SIPPS program, examine the scope and sequence of instruction, and gain an understanding of the lesson structure and instructional routines. Participants will have the opportunity to see instructional routines modeled as well as practice those routines in breakout rooms. Additionally, participants will learn how to leverage the Learning Portal digital resources and tools.  

To participate in Track 2, you will select the session that best matches your instruction:  

  • K–3 Session: Getting Started with SIPPS Beginning, Extension, or Challenge 
  • 4–12 Session: Getting Started with SIPPS Plus and Challenge 

Time: 3:00–5:00 PM EST
Fee: $50 (pre-pay with credit card)

Track 3: Going Deeper with the SIPPS Program: Experience a Lesson

This professional learning track is for teachers, interventionists, Title 1 teachers, and coaches who have been implementing SIPPS materials for 6 months or longer and wish to go deeper with their instruction. 

In this highly interactive workshop, participants will observe a Level-specific SIPPS lesson and identify the essential elements of successful implementation. Together we will examine lesson structure and scope and sequence, and practice planning for and implementing instructional routines for an upcoming lesson with this new learning in mind.

To participate in Track 3, you will select the SIPPS Level-specific session that best matches your instruction: 

  • Beginning Session
  • Extension Session
  • Plus Session
  • Challenge Session 

Time: 3:00–5:00 PM EST
Cost: $50 (pre-pay with credit card)