Who We Are

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Center for the Collaborative Classroom is a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to providing continuous professional learning for teachers and curricula that support the academic, ethical, and social development of children. The organization brings to bear 51 years of collective experience from two leading educational nonprofit organizations—Developmental Studies Center and Cornerstone Literacy, Inc.

Our Work

We believe that how we teach matters as much as what we teach. Our professional development honors all teachers and empowers them to create the conditions for learning that will meet rigorous state standards and nurture the needs of the whole child. Our programs and carefully selected trade books help children appreciate the ideas and opinions of others, learn to agree and disagree respectfully, think critically about big ideas, and become responsible citizens of the world. To find quantitative analysis of district implementations, narratives on our district- and school-level impact, as well as testimonials from administrators and teachers about our programs and professional learning, download our Evidence from the Field document.

Our Supporters

Our work has been generously supported by grants from more than 40 foundations and governmental agencies. Those grants have enabled us to incorporate rigorous cycles of pilot testing, field testing, evaluation, and revision into the development of our programs.

Our Partners

Our work involves close, long-term collaborations with schools and districts across the country, and with after-school organizations like the YMCA of the USA and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. We also collaborate with the National Writing Project to provide professional development. These partnerships help to ensure that our programs are practical and feasible to implement, and that they are effective with diverse students in a broad range of settings.

Our Community

Join our community of educators! Participate in conversations that promote best practices in education. Lend your voice to support the academic, social, and emotional development of children. We welcome your thoughts! Let us know what questions you have.

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About Developmental Studies Center

Developmental Studies Center was founded by Eric Schaps in 1980 to conduct research and develop school-based and after-school programs that help children achieve academically and develop socially. DSC impacted more than 218,435 classrooms and 15,749 after-school sites with its curriculum and professional development.

About Cornerstone Literacy, Inc.

Cornerstone Literacy, Inc., worked for more than 16 years to improve literacy and critical-thinking skills for students in high-poverty communities. Initially founded as a national literacy initiative of the New York Institute for Special Education, CLI collaborated with more than 100 schools in 14 districts to provide embedded professional development aimed at increasing the number of highly effective teachers and helping schools create a culture where teachers can be successful and students have the opportunity to learn, develop, and achieve at high levels.