Lost Angeles, CA • March 13–16, 2020

ASCD Empower20 Conference

Collaborative Classroom is pleased to participate in the ASCD Empower20 Conference in Los Angeles on March 13–16, 2020.

Visit Us in Booth 309

Get to know Collaborative Classroom and reimagine your K–8 curricula, school community, and professional learning with us. We will be in Booth 309 of the Empower20 Exhibit Hall.

Professional Learning Session

This year we are pleased to present the following session with a school-based partner:

Session: Supporting Latinx Students in Immersion Classrooms

With the population of English language learners increasing exponentially, districts and schools must recognize and honor students’ native languages as assets, not hindrances. Educators who embrace the belief that all students have the skill sets needed to be successful are able to provide a language-rich experience that is differentiated for all students’ needs. In this session, participants will learn how educators at one school examined the needs of their emerging bilinguals; embraced cultural norms; and applied strategies such as wait time, open ended questioning, and student choice to support all students in becoming readers, writers, and thinkers.

Presenter: Sheila Veatch, Collaborative Classroom, and Julie M. Scardino, Principal, Egypt Lake Elementary School, Tampa, FL

Sunday, March 15, 2020 • 8:45–9:45 AM • Room to be announced

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