Collaborative Literacy

Being a Reader

Being a Reader: Early Reading Instruction

Create a reimagined and invigorated community of engaged and skilled readers.

The new second edition of Being a Reader is a comprehensive, research-based reading curriculum for grades K–2 that combines systematic, sequential foundational skills instruction and rigorous comprehension work with integrated social-emotional learning. 

The Being a Reader program can be implemented as powerful, stand-alone Tier 1 instruction for grades K–2 or used as a seamlessly integrated module in our comprehensive K–6 English Language Arts curriculum, Collaborative Literacy.

Being a Reader also features:

Intentional alignment with SIPPS (Systematic Instruction in Phonological Awareness, Phonics, and Sight Words) intervention Being a Reader and SIPPS were designed to work together seamlessly in a powerful multi-tiered approach for readers moving between Tiers 1 and 2 in the RTI/MTSS (Response to Intervention-Multi-Tiered System of Support) framework.

Integrated Social and Academic Development – Research shows that developing social competencies prepares students to be productive contributors to learning experiences and increases their capacity to learn.

Meaningful Assessments – Being a Reader offers a comprehensive set of formative and summative assessments that are designed to help teachers make informed decisions about instruction and track student progress throughout the year.

Research-based and Standards-aligned – Our unique pedagogy has grown out of years of research on reading development, vocabulary acquisition, best practices in reading and vocabulary instruction, and child development. Visit our correlations site to search for correlations to the Common Core and other state standards.

Collaborative Classroom recognizes that educators will need options that are flexible to support their students’ learning in a variety of circumstances and formats.   The Remote Guidance is designed to support teachers in transitioning from an “in person” format to either a blended or fully remote design.  To support instructional planning, the guidance is organized by beginning-, middle- and end-of-year and provides instructional guidance, essential learning, and at-home activities.

Being a Reader