The Learning Portal

Home for All Your Collaborative Classroom Digital Resources

The Learning Portal helps teachers access digital manuals, manage program resources and student reproducibles, build and share paperless assessments and reports, and get the very latest communications, updates, and instructional pacing notifications. Using easy-to-manage apps and an intuitive layout, the Portal gives teachers a powerful teaching support system.

Simplifying Assessments and Reporting with ClassView Pro

ClassView Pro simplifies collecting, synthesizing, and sharing student assessment data, portfolios, and reporting for the Being a Reader, Making Meaning®, Being a Writer, SIPPS®, and Book Clubs programs. Teachers can keep close tabs on student progress, rolling up individual- or group-level information for more efficient reporting. New tools allow teachers to simply and quickly create classroom-, group-, and student-level data sets. ClassView Pro is also available on mobile devices for an additional fee.

Optional Enhanced Plan for the Learning Portal

In addition to these must-have management resources on the Learning Portal, Collaborative Classroom also offers an Enhanced Plan with the following expanded tools and features:

  • Enhanced reporting facilitates a 360° view of student- and district-level data. By bringing together all assessment data, Conference Notes summaries, and social skills summary views, enhanced reporting enables district administrators to aggregate data across grade levels for multiple schools quickly.
  • Single sign-on (SSO) simplifies teacher access and streamlines Learning Portal login by leveraging teacher accounts on district or third-party systems
  • Automatic roster management synchronizes school rosters via Collaborative Classroom–managed CSV upload.
  • The sandbox environment is a data environment where districts can test rosters and functionality without damaging live data.