Comprehensive Core Instruction

There’s an undeniable reciprocity between reading and writing. For this reason, Collaborative Classroom offers two dynamic programs—Being a Reader™ and Being a Writer™ —that can be taught on their own or used together to form Collaborative Literacy.

Being a Reader, Second Edition (K–5)

Being a Reader’s evidence-based instruction ensures that students acquire effortless and fluent word recognition while at the same time developing skills that support comprehension of complex text.

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Being a Writer, Third Edition (K–5)

Being a Writer provides comprehensive writing instruction that helps teachers build a classroom community where students learn from, support, and inspire one another as writers.

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Supplemental Instruction

Not all reading programs come with the essential, targeted small-group instruction that ensures all students are being met at their points of need. To address this, Being a Reader Small-Group Reading Sets is available as a supplement to any comprehensive, whole-class reading program.

Being a Reader Small-Group Reading Sets (K–2)

Small-Group Reading Sets from Being a Reader provide easy-to-use resources to help K–2 students build and practice phonics and foundational skills, improve language comprehension, and develop independent thinking skills.

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Reading Intervention

For schools looking for Tier II or Tier III intervention, SIPPS® accelerates foundational skills mastery so that students are able to efficiently close the gap and engage in grade-level reading.

SIPPS (K–12)

SIPPS is a research-based foundational skills program proven to help both new and striving readers in grades K–12, including multilingual learners and students identified with dyslexia.

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Expand your classroom library with engaging, high-quality fiction and non-fiction books from both new and timeless authors and build fluency, strengthen reading skills, expand knowledge, and feed students’ innate curiosity.

Individualized Daily Reading (IDR) Classroom Libraries (K–5)

Aligned with Being a Reader, these grade-level-specific collections of leveled fiction and nonfiction books enable all K–5 students to explore their interests, feed their imagination, and build knowledge.

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Fluency Practice Libraries for SIPPS (K–12)

These K–12 libraries support your SIPPS implementation, with Decodable Books for SIPPS, Fluency Practice Libraries, and Hi/Lo Libraries.

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Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)

Research shows that students and teachers excel in safe and supportive learning environments. Caring School Community® is a comprehensive SEL solution that nurtures strong school-wide and classroom communities.

Caring School Community (K–8)

A CASEL SELect program, Caring School Community builds school-wide community, develops students’ social skills, and enables a transformative stance on discipline through daily, grade-specific lessons.

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