Professional Learning

Our Approach

Collaborative Classroom is a learning organization—we know that how we teach matters as much as what we teach. Together our curricula and professional learning empower educators to take charge of their teaching and learning through a strategic system of support that includes:

Learn more about our approach to professional learning and the research that informs it. Download the white paper: “Surrounding Teachers with a System of Support.”

Professional Learning Built into the Curriculum

Our programs are educative—they grow your learning as you teach. Educators learn, practice, and reflect on effective instructional practices while confidently supporting all readers and writers in their classroom.

Embedded professional learning strengthens educators’ ability to:

  • Identify student point of need and differentiate instruction
  • Make informed decisions about student progression
  • Understand and support the unique needs of English learners
  • Use facilitation techniques that encourage communication and collaboration 
  • Feel confident, prepared, and effective in their practice

Implementation Support via the Learning Portal

In addition to the embedded support in our curricula, each program comes with access to the Learning Portal, which contains just-in-time planning and implementation resources for teachers and leaders. 

The Teacher Learning System 

The Teacher Learning System (TLS) provides teachers with self-guided professional learning and program support. The TLS provides learning opportunities for new and experienced implementers.

The Professional Learning System for Leaders

The Professional Learning System (PLS) provides a roadmap for a systematic approach to professional learning and the resources that support both teachers and leaders in initial and ongoing learning.

Collaborative Leadership Community 

Accessible via the Learning Portal, the Collaborative Leadership Community provides access to timely information related to implementation resources, onboarding tools, and data-driven professional learning support. The Collaborative Leadership Community is also a place to network with other implementation leaders.  Learn More.

The Support Center

The Collaborative Classroom Support Center provides answers to your questions through a robust, searchable collection of program-specific content articles and Chat Agents available for expert help.

In-Person and Virtual Professional Learning

In addition to seasonal (beginning-of-year to end-of-year) professional learning webinars, we offer a variety of program-specific learning pathways that can be facilitated in-person, virtually, or led by lead teachers/coaches at your school or district. 

Asynchronous 1:1 Online Coaching 

Collaborative Coach is a personalized, video-based asynchronous coaching experience that provides one-on-one coaching for individual teachers, coaches, or leaders in a safe and supportive environment.

Optional college credit is available for Collaborative Coach participants through Northwest Nazarene University (NNU).

Professional Learning Packages

Year-Long and Summer-Specific 

Professional learning packages are available to support Year 1 implementations and beyond.

Packages can be tailored for individuals or teams, are available in-person or virtually, and offer year-long or summer-specific learning.

SEEDS of Learning: A Professional Learning Framework  

For Adults Serving Children Ages 3–5

SEEDS of Learning™ is a professional learning framework for adults who care for and teach young children.

SEEDS of Learning uses a unique combination of training, coaching, and professional learning communities (PLCs) to empower adults with the knowledge to develop oral language, emergent literacy, and social and emotional skills in all three- to five-year-olds, setting them up for success in kindergarten and beyond.

With in-person, virtual, and e-learning training options, SEEDS professional learning works with any early childhood program.

OL&LA: Professional Learning in Structured Literacy

For Language Diverse Classrooms

OL&LA (Online Language & Literacy Academy) is designed to help K–12 educators meet the needs of all learners, with a special focus on multilingual learners.

Offered in partnership with CORE Learning, this nine-module asynchronous, online course covers the five critical components of reading instruction.

Rooted in the Science of Reading, Structured Literacy, and CORE Learning’s acclaimed Teaching Reading Sourcebook, OL&LA equips educators to teach all students, including multilingual learners and those with word reading difficulties, to be strong readers.