Professional Learning

At Collaborative Classroom, we believe that professional learning embedded in high-quality curriculum is essential to the success of teachers and students—and that belief is at the core of all our work.

Together our curricula and continuous professional learning empower teachers to transform classrooms, build school community, and create the conditions for authentic, student-centered learning.

Professional Learning Built into the Curriculum

Our programs are constructed so that teachers have opportunities to learn, practice, reflect on effective instructional practices, and deepen their content knowledge as they teach Collaborative Classroom lessons every day. Our curricula and professional learning, guided by four core principles, are grounded in the belief that how we teach matters as much as what we teach.

Collaborative Classroom programs strengthen educators’ ability to:

  • Implement student-centered lessons that are active and accessible for every student
  • Make intentional instructional decisions to differentiate in order to meet the needs of individual students
  • Use facilitation techniques that encourage all students to communicate and collaborate around rigorous content
  • Implement cooperative structures that effectively deepen student thinking
  • Support students in becoming independent readers, writers, critical thinkers, and problem-solvers
  • Feel confident, prepared, and effective in their practice

Professional Learning Offerings

Collaborative Classroom offers a variety of professional learning opportunities that can be facilitated in-person, virtually, or led by lead teachers/coaches at the district or school.

Professional Learning System (PLS) for Collaborative Literacy

The Professional Learning System for Collaborative Literacy is a comprehensive learning system developed to help schools and districts implement Collaborative Literacy holistically, supporting the Being a Reader™, Making Meaning®, Being a Writer™, and SIPPS programs.

Teacher Learning System (TLS)

The TLS provides just-in-time, ongoing professional learning opportunities directly to teachers via the Learning Portal.  During the 2022-23 school year, we are featuring support for Being a Reader Small-group, SIPPS, and the Caring School Community program.

School/District Implementation Plans

Collaborative Classroom partners with schools and districts to create customized professional learning plans to support implementations. Based on the goals of the school or district, we work with the leadership team to develop sustainable plans that consider the instructional shifts of teachers and the academic expectations for students.

Ongoing Professional Learning

Professional Learning is offered throughout the year to deepen your practice as a teacher, coach, administrator, or district leader.  Virtual and on-site learning include professional learning institutes, virtual learning series and public webinar.

Online Resources

In addition to the professional learning that occurs when teachers engage with and teach from Collaborative Classroom lessons, we offer a wide range of online support.

  • The Learning Portal is home to all digital materials for Collaborative Classroom programs and licenses, including Digital Teachers Sets, Student Reproducibles, Video Tutorials, Planning Resources, ClassviewPro Assessment Tools, the Teacher Learning System, and more.
  • The Support Center offers a robust, searchable collection of program-specific content articles. A living resource, the Support Center is constantly being expanded. The Support Center also offers personalized, responsive support for educator queries.
  • Collaborative Coach is a personalized, interactive, video-based asynchronous coaching experience that provides one-on-one coaching for individual teachers, coaches, or leaders in a safe and supportive environment. Collaborative Coach is for educators implementing Being a Reader Small-Group Sets 1–6, SIPPS, or Caring School Community.
  • Online Elementary Reading Academy (OERA) is a seven-module asynchronous, online course based on the science of reading. Offered in partnership with Consortium on Reaching Excellence in Education, OERA teaches the essential components of reading instruction, with clear and explicit models immediately applicable to the classroom.
  • Collaborative Classroom Blogs address specific questions or topics of interest to teachers implementing our programs.