SEEDS of Learning

Ensuring Early Literacy Success

SEEDS of Learning™ is a professional learning framework for adults who care for and teach young children.

Using a unique combination of training, coaching, and professional learning communities, SEEDS of Learning empowers adults with the knowledge to develop oral language, emergent literacy, and social and emotional skills in all three- to five-year-olds, setting them up for success in kindergarten and beyond.

“SEEDS is a comprehensive, effective early language and literacy framework that has dramatically increased the language skills of the children we serve in Pre–K.”

Scott Moore, Kidango CEO

Equitable, Evidence-Based, and Rigorously Researched

A 2017-2021 randomized control trial conducted by NORC At The University Of Chicago determined that a single year of SEEDS of Learning for adults results in up to 8 additional months of learning for children, including multilingual learners and children experiencing educational and social inequity.

A single year of SEEDS coaching for adults was shown to result in up to 8 additional months of learning for children. 

A young child writes in an Oakland, CA classroom where educators received SEEDS of Learning coaching. (Photo by Allison Shelley for FluentSeeds)


Hear from SEEDS experts in this 45-minute recording.

For Adults Serving Young Children Ages 3–5

The SEEDS of Learning™ professional learning framework is designed for all adults who serve children ages 3–5, including educators, tutors, caregivers, site leaders, and coaches.

With flexible in-person, virtual, and e-learning training options, SEEDS meets the varying needs of adult learning communities and works with any early childhood program.

“We base everything we do in SEEDS. It allows us to ground our work in building relationships, while also improving the skills necessary for success in kindergarten.”

–Rebecca Pride, Early Literacy Coach, The Literacy Lab


Adults look, listen, and ask questions to become aware of children’s needs, thoughts, abilities, and feelings.


Adults use intentional affirmations and positive non-verbal communication to create a shared positive learning environment.


Adults embed the “Big 5” early literacy skills into daily routine.

Development through Doing

Adults help children explore their world through hands-on learning.


Adults provide a balance of the four elements, which help children feel lovable, respected, and capable.

SEEDS of Learning and SIPPS

A Synergistic Duo to Develop Successful Readers

Together the SEEDS of Learning™ professional learning framework and the SIPPS® foundational skills program align and complement each other, supporting adults and preparing the children in their care to thrive.

These proven, effective resources each play a part in developing teacher knowledge and ensuring children develop a solid foundation in social, emotional, and literacy skills for a lifetime of reading achievement.

“SEEDS of Learning and SIPPS provide the support our teachers and tutors need for ease of instruction, from Pre–K/TK to Kindergarten and subsequent grades.

SEEDS embeds foundational early literacy strategies in playful activities that naturally occur throughout the day, ensuring a smooth transition to the powerful and evidence-based structured literacy learning of SIPPS in K–2 and beyond.

Children enter school supported and eager to learn, and our staff is ready and equipped with the highest-quality instructional supports.”

Romy Trigg-Smith, Director of Early Literacy, PreK–2, Oakland Unified School District, CA