Collaborative Coach

Asynchronous Online Coaching

Collaborative Coach provides personalized, program-specific, one-on-one coaching for individual teachers, coaches, and leaders currently implementing Collaborative Classroom curricula.

Learn how asynchronous online coaching can transform professional learning by allowing districts to scale their professional learning efforts. Read our article featured in Learning Forward: Coaching-Anytime-from Anywhere-Empowering Teachers.

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How It Works

Collaborative Coach is currently available for educators implementing Being a Reader™, SIPPS® or Caring School Community® and for adults participating in SEEDS of Learning™ professional learning.

Educators receive direct access to a Collaborative Coach who will provide program- and professional learning-specific coaching and feedback through our tool on the Learning Portal.

Coaching is personalized to meet each educator’s individual teaching practice and may include:

  • Guidance and insights into an aspect of instruction
  • Access to resources and tools to support instruction
  • Opportunities to share reflections, student work, and student data
  • Opportunities to receive several rounds of professional feedback

Optional graduate-level credit is available for Collaborative Coach participants.

The Collaborative Coach Cycle of Learning

While the professional learning content is tailored to each educator, the asynchronous coaching experience follows an intentional cycle:

  • The educator completes a pre-coaching questionnaire to provide the coach with preliminary information prior to entering the cycle.
  • The coach uses the questionnaire data to help the educator identify an area of focus and then provides a coaching activity, such as a targeted simulation or learning experience, to begin the cycle.
  • The educator engages in the activity and uploads any necessary recordings or documents for the coach to review and provide feedback.
  • The coach reviews the educator’s recordings to determine next steps, such as follow-up activities, tools, or specific guidance, and records feedback for the teacher.
  • The educator reviews the feedback, reflects on instruction, and refines instruction accordingly.
  • The coach works with the educator to determine additional next steps.

Hear from Educators Implementing Collaborative Coach

“This experience is unlike any other professional learning that I have been exposed to in my career. Other experiences have often been broad and generic—applicable to everyone. This experience was personal to me and my teaching and was immediately useful to me and to my students.”

–Second grade teacher Casey Estabrooks, Livonia, NY

“The most powerful professional learning I have participated in throughout my career–this process allowed me to reflect on my own practice and have individual coaching feedback.”

–Kelly S., Interventionist/Title 1, Bethalto School District #8, IL

Collaborative Coach

Pricing and Registration

How to Register: Registration is online. Collaborative Coach is offered at regular intervals throughout the year, with Fall, Winter, and Spring cohorts:

Fee: $325 per educator for one coaching cycle (10-12 hours).

Questions? Please contact for assistance. Click here to learn about the optional college credit.

Upcoming Cohorts

Being a Reader Fall 2024 Cohort

10/10-12/12, Online

Caring School Community Fall 2024 Cohort

10/10-12/12, Online

SIPPS Fall 2024 Cohort

10/10-12/12, Online

Being a Reader Winter 2025 Cohort

1/16-3/13, Online

Caring School Community Winter 2025 Cohort

1/16-3/13, Online

SIPPS Winter 2025 Cohort

1/16-3/13, Online

Being a Reader Spring 2025 Cohort

3/13-5/15, Online

Caring School Community Spring 2025 Cohort

3/13-5/15, Online

SIPPS Spring 2025 Cohort

3/13-5/15, Online

College Credit Option

Optional college credit is available for Collaborative Coach participants through Northwest Nazarene University (NNU):

  • Participants can earn (1) graduate-level credit for each eight-week cohort for an additional cost of $60 paid to NNU. 
  • Each credit is worth 15 continuing education hours, which can be applied toward recertification and license renewal. 
  • Participants may apply for the credit by registering through NNU and paying the course registration fee. To locate the course, visit the NNU course catalog, enter “Collaborative Coach” in the search bar, and find your cohort.
  • To receive the credit, participants must pay for and finish the cohort, create eight (8) video responses, and complete one culminating activity that demonstrates the knowledge and skills they learned during the cohort.