Standards Correlations by State, Grade, and Program

The Collaborative Classroom curriculum effectively meets states’ academic standards for English Language Arts. The EdGate correlations provided here allow teachers and evaluators to easily identify standards met in each lesson of the Being a Reader (K–2), Making Meaning®️ (3–6), Being a Writer (K–6), Guided Spelling (3–6), and SIPPS programs.

Use the EdGate tool below to search for correlations either by standard or by content. Searching by Standard will display results organized by standard. Searching by Content will display results by organized by lesson.

To view correlations to the 2017 Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (implementation Fall 2019) select “Texas TEKS English Spanish Language Arts 2017” under “Future Standards” at the very bottom of the Standards dropdown menu.

For a list of acronyms and abbreviations used in the programs, click here.