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Teacher Wellness Practice #10: Inhabiting the Dignified Stance of “Adequate”

I have not felt like I have been able to be there for everyone in the way that they need. And I always questioned, am I doing enough?…

Jun 30, 2020  |  By Sarah Rosenthal
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Texas House Bill 3: Connecting Reading Science to Classroom Practice

The sweeping changes from Texas House Bill 3 (HB3) have significant implications for all educators and districts across the state. The law prioritizes early literacy and is intended…

Jun 29, 2020  |  By Dawn Castilleja
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Celebrating Growth: Students Reflect on Their Reading and Writing

“This is the gold we work for—we are crafting lifelong readers and writers!” —Morgan Huber The 2019–2020 school year was Morgan Huber’s first year teaching Collaborative Literacy to…

Jun 18, 2020  |  By Leona Hunt
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Teacher Wellness Practice #9: Attending to Our Feelings

I have an “emotion thesaurus” on my bookshelf that features 148 emotions, including information like physical signals, internal sensations, and mental responses associated with each. Our species is…

May 27, 2020  |  By Sarah Rosenthal
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Teacher Wellness Practice #8: Reducing Stress Through Body Scanning

Quick question for you: Q     On a scale of 1–10, what’s your stress level right now? Turn to your imaginary or real partner! Let’s say 1 is “I…

May 19, 2020  |  By Sarah Rosenthal
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Teacher Wellness Practice #7: Setting Intention and Letting Go of Results

The COVID-19 crisis threw our world into radical disarray. In response, each of us worked quickly to establish some semblance of new routines and norms for our teaching…

May 12, 2020  |  By Sarah Rosenthal
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