Teacher Scholarship Program

Thanks to contributions from generous donors, Collaborative Classroom makes annual awards of curriculum and professional learning to K–12 educators nationwide through our Teacher Scholarship Program.

The application window is now closed.

Curriculum and Professional Learning Scholarships

Resources eligible for scholarships include:

  • SIPPS®, K–12: an evidence-based foundational skills program proven to help both new and striving readers
  • Caring School Community®, K–8: a CASEL SELect social and emotional learning program that builds school-wide community, develops K–8 students’ social skills, and enables a transformative stance on discipline
  • Collaborative Coach: personalized asynchronous coaching for educators implementing SIPPS, Being a Reader, or Caring School Community

These scholarships are intended for K–12 classroom teachers, reading specialists, special educators, and interventionists.

About the 2023–2024 Scholarship Program

  • Scholarship recipients will receive one program or one cycle of professional learning.
  • If you apply, please alert your school/district leader in case you need their approval to implement the program.
  • Each scholarship covers the entire cost of the award (including shipping).
  • Scholarship recipients will be notified via email by November 17, 2023.
  • Implementation support for scholarship recipients is available via the Collaborative Classroom Learning Portal, Support Center, and your local Manager of Educational Partnerships.
  • If you received a scholarship in previous years, you are not eligible this year.

The 2023–24 Teacher Scholarship application window closes in


Hear from 2022–2023 Scholarship Recipients

"The Teacher Scholarship application process was super easy and not very time consuming. The award process was fantastic. [Collaborative Classroom's Wisconsin manager of educational partnerships] Kari Steck was great to work with and it seemed like she was as excited for me to win as I was to win! I'm excited to provide some great instruction to my students who need intensive intervention. I will be implementing the SIPPS program in Fall 2023. The support emails I have received have been very knowledgeable and easy to navigate. Kari has been extremely supportive with answering my questions and being available when needed."

Nicole Langman, District Assessment Coordinator, Glenwood City School District, WI
(SIPPS Recipient)

"My teaching practice of SIPPS has greatly improved and I saw huge growth in my students especially in their confidence. Once they understood sight syllables they were able to recognize it in the connected text. The coaching feedback was powerful. The opportunity to reflect and observe myself helped me to refine my routines. I would record myself and watch it before sending it to my coach. I always picked out something that I could do better. It was helpful when my coach modeled the routines. Collaborative Coach was a great way to get feedback on my teaching and to learn more about SIPPS as it was new to me."

Melanie Rains, Interventionist, Monticello Academy, UT
(Collaborative Coach Recipient)

"In just five months [of SIPPS instruction], this fifth grade student made significant growth: from a kindergarten level in foundational reading skills to a third grade level."

Alexa Speicher, 5th Grade ELA Teacher, Hillsborough County Public Schools, FL
(SIPPS Recipient)

Kimberly Lee

"Receiving the SIPPS Plus kit felt like Christmas, and to share it with Ms. Speicher and her student made it all the more rewarding. "  

Kimberly Lee, EdS, District Resource Teacher, Hillsborough County Public Schools, FL
(SIPPS Recipient)

Hear more from Kimberly and Alexa.

"I decided to apply for SIPPS Beginning level because I noticed mid year there was a group of students who needed more Tier 2 support in reading at a level my core program in phonics was no longer addressing. I knew my students needed systematic instruction in foundational reading skills. I decided to apply for the scholarship with the support of my principal. I was very excited to receive the materials! My students and I slowly learned the program’s routines and once they got the structures down, I saw a marked improvement in their confidence while reading. Other teachers and leaders at my school have voiced a lot of curiosity surrounding the program. I am looking forward to using the program again next year!"

–Hannah Loyd, 1st Grade Teacher, Liberty Elementary, TX
(SIPPS Recipient)