Teacher Scholarship Program

Providing Curriculum and Professional Learning Scholarships to Educators

Thanks to contributions from generous donors, Collaborative Classroom is delighted to award curriculum and/or professional learning to more than 1,000 educators through our Teacher Scholarship Program.

Each scholarship covers the entire cost of the program (including shipping) or professional learning.

Available Teacher Scholarships

Programs and professional learning eligible for Teacher Scholarships include:

  • SIPPS (Systematic Instruction in Phonological Awareness, Phonics, and Sight Words): a research-based foundational skills program proven to help both new and struggling readers in grades K–12, including English learners and students identified with dyslexia
  • Being a Reader: a comprehensive K–5 reading program that integrates foundational skills instruction, practice in reading comprehension strategies, and rich literacy experiences with explicit social skills instruction and activities that foster students’ growth as responsible, caring, and collaborative people
  • Being a Writer: a proven, research-based K–5 writing curriculum that combines a writing process approach with guided instruction
  • Caring School Community: a comprehensive, research-based social and emotional learning program for grades K–8 that builds school-wide community, develops students’ social skills, and enables a transformative stance on discipline
  • Collaborative Coach: personalized asynchronous coaching for educators implementing SIPPS, Being a Reader, or Caring School Community

Classroom teachers, reading specialists, special educators, and interventionists are encouraged to apply.

Impact of the 2022 Teacher Scholarship Program

The inaugural Teacher Scholarships were awarded in Spring 2022:

  • 375 scholarships were awarded
  • 10,000+ students will be impacted over the 2022–23 school year through the use of the awarded program materials

“In just five months [of SIPPS instruction], this fifth grade student made significant growth: from a kindergarten level in foundational reading skills to a third grade level.”

Alexa Speicher, ELA 5th Grade Teacher and recipient of a Teacher Scholarship for SIPPS

Stay Informed about 2023 Teacher Scholarships

The application window for 2023 Teacher Scholarships opens in January 2023. Details will be announced in late Fall 2022.

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