Individualized Daily Reading (IDR) Classroom Libraries

Building Literacy, Knowledge, and a Love for Reading

Give students daily opportunities to engage in wide reading with the Individualized Daily Reading (IDR) Libraries: Essential Collection for kindergarten to fifth grade.

This 120-title collection is a high-quality addition to every classroom library, providing a rich array of nonfiction and fiction books that inspire students to explore their interests, feed their imagination, and build knowledge as they read independently.

High-quality Books for Every Reader

Each IDR Essential Collection contains 60 fiction and 60 nonfiction titles.

  • Half the books at each grade are on grade level
  • 25 percent are 1–1.5 grades below grade level
  • 25 percent are 1–1.5 grades above grade level

Texts span a range of genres and topics including social studies, science, history, biography/memoir, nature, sports, animals, contemporary and historical fiction, mystery, humor, graphic novels, science fiction and fantasy, and are continually refreshed with new titles from more than 70 publishers.

Each of the titles placed into a library set, takes into account its Lexile level, journal reviews, and student responses.

Inclusive Texts Matter

We review thousands of titles for inclusion and deliberately balance culture, race, gender, genre, and subject so that the books will appeal to a variety of readers. When selecting titles, we consider:

  • Time-tested favorites and new authors, themes, and styles
  • Inclusive books that reflect the diversity of the world we live in
  • Varied authors who bring the full range of human experience and knowledge into the classroom

Aligned with Being a Reader

Individualized Daily Reading (IDR) is a key part of the Being a Reader program. This critical time allows students to practice and consolidate the skills and strategies they are learning in small-group and whole-class instruction.

To optimize independent reading time, the IDR Essential Collection includes texts that align with the topics, themes, genres, and text types covered in Being a Reader. This allows students to further explore and engage with texts they connected with during daily lessons, while also providing additional opportunities to:

  • Extend the lessons
  • Deepen understanding
  • Expand background knowledge
  • Make text-to-text-connections

The IDR Essential Collection is strongly recommended with any purchase of Being a Reader.