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Being a Writer: Planning and Pacing for Writing Success! Part 1—Grades K, 1, and 2

Teachers implementing the Being a Writer curriculum often ask for a recommended order of instruction across the year and wonder how flexibly the program can be used. In this first post, we offer some planning and pacing suggestions to ensure writers in grades K-2 are learning to write confidently, creatively, and purposefully for sustained periods of time. In Part 2, we will offer the same guidance for grades 3-5. Additionally, these suggestions help to ensure students in grades 3-5 are well prepared for the demands of the summative writing tests typically administered in the spring.

Grades K-2 Considerations

The units in the K-2 program are designed to be taught in the order they are presented in the Teacher’s Manuals. Each unit builds on the academic and social work from prior units of instruction. Additionally, the program honors what we know from years of research on writing and child development. Teaching the units out of order creates unnecessary challenges.

The following table offers some guidelines and support to use as you and your colleagues plan for the upcoming school year.

Planning Support Tools

table of planning support tools

How will you use these planning support tools to plan for the upcoming school year? How will you continue to use these support tools throughout the year to best meet your writers’ needs?

In part two of this planning and pacing series, we will offer suggestions for teachers of older grades and take into consideration the state writing tests that many students take in the spring. Check back for that blog next week.

 Happy planning!

Originally published in 2015.