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It’s almost summer (really)! Are you ready?

By Megan Green | Categories: After School Tips

Summer will be here before we know it! Do you know what you’re doing?

Often we don’t think about our goals for kids before we plan our summer programming. Summer is a great time for kids to get excited and experience learning in a different way, but planning for summer can often be at the last minute.

Let’s plan for summer! What’s not fun about that?

Let’s begin with the end in mind.

What are you hoping your kids will leave with at the end of your summer program?


Maybe you want kids to have fun while building their math skills. How about playing math games and reading great math related books and doing activities? We have the perfect solution: AfterSchool KidzMath!


Maybe you want you kids to roll up their sleeves and really engage in science. What a better time than summer? You have more time to really go deep and have fun! Check out AfterSchool KidzScience!


Maybe you really want your kids to have time to enjoy reading while building their vocabulary and comprehension skills. We all love reading in the summer. Give kids that opportunity to curl up with a book and relax. AfterSchool KidzLit is a great way to give your kids a chance to build their love of reading.

You might also want to check out this webinar we recently did about ways to reduce learning loss over summer.

Remember, whatever you do this summer it’s going to be great. But planning ahead and having the end in mind will make it even better!

Happy summer!