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2 years 28 weeks ago
“This. Is. Gold.”Hearing these words come from a reluctant 12-year-old during a writing conference just about knocked me over a few days ago. For weeks, this student sat during independent writing time with little more than a few new words scribbled on his crumpled piece of paper.As his teacher, I was nervous. Why wasn’t he writing? How was he going to learn and grow if he... (2)
2 years 47 weeks ago
Transitional kindergarten continues to be a hot topic among educators, legislators, and parents alike. We’re reposting this blog to support discussion on this important consideration. For more recent information on California’s policies, please read this article on prekindergarten from The Washington Post. For a different perspective, try also reading: Transitional Kindergarten: Delay... (53)
3 years 14 weeks ago
We just wanted to point out a new entry from Forrest Elementary, which is implementing the Being a Writer program for the first time this year.Adam, in Melissa Broiles’ fourth grade class, has written a striking piece of short figurative prose. Please give it a read.
3 years 29 weeks ago
[Editorial note: we love that Bill was inspired to extend the strategy instruction in the Making Meaning program. We wanted to note that he teaches these lessons in a small group setting and Making Meaning, as written, is typically taught using whole class instruction.]As the year progresses it is my goal that students begin to take more ownership of each strategy that I’ve taught them. In...
3 years 33 weeks ago
This third grade class was the first room to host an Authors’ Reception in late November. Feedback from parents was amazing and as a result many more rooms are hosting receptions to showcase student work. Forrest Elementary held an Authors’ Reception this fall to celebrate student writers and showcase their work. This takes the idea of the Author’s Chair a step further to show... (1)
3 years 33 weeks ago
This year, kindergarten has begun piloting the Being a Writer program in our classrooms. When I began teaching kindergarten three years ago, I found writing difficult to engage my students in. There was little-to-no curriculum before and the ideas I came up with were somewhat repetitive. This year, our students are much more engaged in developing their ideas for writing. The Being a Writer...
3 years 33 weeks ago
My fifth graders recently completed “The Writing Process” section of the Being a Writer program. They enjoyed the steps we followed daily to reach the goal of their published book. The students were excited about working with their partners to discuss each other’s writing. They each took pride in truly trying to give constructive feedback to their partner, as well as their own... (1)
3 years 33 weeks ago
My class is thoroughly enjoying the Being a Writer writing program. We are currently working on the Personal Narrative unit. The children are very motivated to write, and some of them are even taking it upon themselves to write at home, even though I haven’t asked them to do so. They come to school and are very excited to share their work with me. I see impressive changes in my students... (1)
3 years 33 weeks ago
My students are continuing to make progress with their writing. Now I am focusing on not only the ideas (content) that they have written, but also the conventions domain of the Pennsylvania rubric. As many of us do, we read what we think we wrote. I had taken notice when students originally came to me for a mini conference that they often experienced that dilemma. Now I have each student read...
3 years 33 weeks ago
Our class read the book Fortunately and then created our own book modeled after it. This book was read in Being a Writer ;Unit 1, Week 4, “Getting Ideas from Pattern Books.” The students were to listen to and discuss a text that uses patterns. In this case it was the repeated words “Fortunately, Unfortunately”. My class loved this book and I read it several times to them.... (1)
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