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SIPPS Tip #19: Professional Learning Community

A professional learning community is a key element in the implementation of SIPPS. The literacy coach in Colts Neck, NJ, devised a plan that provides a forum for teachers to share questions/wonderings, and at the same time, gives the coach important information about the implementation of the program.

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How Does the SIPPS Program Support Reading Fluency: Accuracy, Automaticity, and Prosody?

We all know that the research-based instructional routines in SIPPS teach children to read with accuracy and automaticity, which enables them to become fluent readers.

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Building Vocabulary Through Learning the Language

Children are constantly learning language, learning through language, learning about language.

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Diversity in Children's Books: Check Your Blind Spot

"The greatest problem is not with flat-out white racists, but rather with the far larger number of Americans who believe intellectually in racial equality but are quietly oblivious to injustice around them."

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What is Self-regulated Learning?

“Self-regulated learning” is a very fancy-sounding term.

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The Power of Images for the English Language Learner

Consider the following words:

El estacionamiento
La farmacia
La ferretería

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SIPPS Tip #18: Taking a Closer Look at Guided Spelling

While each of the SIPPS daily lesson components play an important role towards the goal of accurate, automatic, and fluent reading, the Guided Spelling routine is especially supportive of student progress. In this blog, we consider the rationale behind the Guided Spelling routine and the instruction within the routine.

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Lessons from Christopher

When you think of Napa Valley, what do you see in your mind’s eye? If you know of Napa, you are most likely thinking about the fine wines, luxurious resorts, and five-star restaurants. What you may not be thinking about are the people behind the scenes here—the people who support every facet of this thriving tourist destination.

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Utilizing Webinars to Guide Your Professional Learning Community

Professional learning is critical to honing our skills, considering the ideas of others, and cultivating a growth mindset among school staff. Despite all the positive outcomes that stem from professional learning, it can be challenging to carve out time to grow professionally. When we heard how Stephanie Evans, the Literacy Coach at Osceola Elementary in St.

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Preparing for Digital Citizenship in the New School Year

Digital citizenship is a concept in which technology users learn about appropriate and responsible use of technology. This is a very important concept for our students. Planning for an instructional day that inspires students to be productive citizens should include learning what it means to be a productive citizen in person and in the online world.

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