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Utilizing Webinars to Guide Your Professional Learning Community

Professional learning is critical to honing our skills, considering the ideas of others, and cultivating a growth mindset among school staff. Despite all the positive outcomes that stem from professional learning, it can be challenging to carve out time to grow professionally. When we heard how Stephanie Evans, the Literacy Coach at Osceola Elementary in St.

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Preparing for Digital Citizenship in the New School Year

Digital citizenship is a concept in which technology users learn about appropriate and responsible use of technology. This is a very important concept for our students. Planning for an instructional day that inspires students to be productive citizens should include learning what it means to be a productive citizen in person and in the online world.

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Making Meaning, Third Edition, Online Course

We have great news to share—the Making Meaning Online Course is now available!

With a new school year beginning, now is a great time to visit the CCC Learning Hub and get started with the first three modules:

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A Chance to Start Over: One Writer's Tale

A unique aspect of being a teacher is that each year we get to start over. Many of us reflect on our successes and our challenges, and we even have three months off to explore the answers to some of our questions. When I think about what is most important for me to put into practice given all that I learned last year, I am immediately reminded of a writer who I’ll refer to as Matthew.

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Farewell to 2014–2015! End-of-Year Considerations for SIPPS

As we say farewell to the 2014–2015 school year, we offer a few end-of-year considerations.

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Identity Safe Classrooms Part Five: Caring Classroom Environments

The final domain of identity safety is caring classroom environments, where social skills are taught and practiced to help students care for one another in the context of an emotionally and physically safe classroom. This post about caring classroom environments is the final entry in our series, because the classroom and school environment is where all aspects of identity safety play out.

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Identity Safe Classrooms Part Four: Classroom Relationships

Positive classroom relationships are the foundation of an identity safe classroom. You cannot create a sense of identity safety without a continuous focus on how the students are feeling and treating one another. Positive classroom relationships are based on trusting, positive interactions with the teacher and among the students.

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To Use, or Not to Use Graphic Organizers

To use, or not to use graphic organizers—that is the question. The carefully orchestrated series of boxes, arrows, circles, and lines provides tidy ways for students to organize information and make connections between facts, ideas, and concepts.

Graphic organizers can help students:

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Identity Safe Classrooms Part Three: Cultivating Diversity as a Resource

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

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Engaging the Disengaged, Number Nine: Teacher Talk Part Two, How We Talk Matters

One day Gale came running into my class after P.E. panting, Mrs. D., you need to give Jimmy one of those Mrs. D.-type lectures.; Upon asking him exactly what a Mrs.

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