New Orleans, LA • October 10–13, 2019

ILA 2019 Conference

Collaborative Classroom is pleased to participate in the ILA 2019 Conference in New Orleans.

If you will attend, we look forward to learning with you. If you have questions, please contact us.

Please visit us in Booth 426 and join us for the following professional learning sessions:

Collaborative Classroom Professional Learning Sessions

Literacy in a Collaborative Classroom: Integrating Social, Emotional, and Academic Development for Deep Learning and Meaningful Engagement

This interactive session will share a model for literacy instruction that supports both the academic and social development of students. We will explore how to build learning experiences that enable the deep thinking and meaningful engagement that are foundational in a truly collaborative classroom. The workshop will examine a pedagogy, developed and tested over the past four decades in classrooms nationwide, that places student thinking at the heart of literacy instruction.

Presenter: Peter Brunn, MA

Equity and Access in a Collaborative Classroom: Creating Independent Learners Through Early Literacy Instruction

This interactive session offers culturally responsive approaches that build our youngest students’ literacy independence and encourage inquiry and collaboration. Equitable access to essential instruction (explicit and systematic phonics, comprehension and vocabulary) supports the literacy development of our youngest readers. We will examine the underlying pedagogy that helps teachers build strong meaningful relationships with and among students so that students can access rigorous literacy content.

Presenters: Marisa Ramirez Stukey, PhD, and Rhonda Sutton, EdD

Redefining Literacy Professional Learning

Professional learning is essential for teachers to shift practice to address the literacy needs of students. Learn the research-based characteristics of powerful literacy professional learning that will support teachers in actually enacting new practices. Consider the ways small shifts in how you think about professional learning can provide maximum impact. Participants will engage in collegial conversations, reflect on current practice and create an action plan for using this information in the setting in which you work.

Presenters: Isabel Sawyer, PhD, and Marisa Ramirez Stukey, PhD

Building Equity Through Powerful Literacy Instruction

A commitment to access and equity starts with the individual and is enacted daily through interactions between and with our students. Participants who attend this session will utilize discussions, lesson experiences, classroom video and reflection to examine how culturally responsive teaching practices can enhance our literacy instruction and support access and equity for culturally and linguistically diverse students.

Presenters: Claire Riddell, MEd, and Rhonda Sutton, EdD

Facilitating Student Talk, Thinking and Interaction: Strategies to Increase Student Engagement, Build Classroom Community, and Deepen Comprehension

Join us for a rich learning session centered on teaching all students how to access, apply, and make sense of information through facilitating conversation, thinking, and interaction.  Participants will explore practical strategies and techniques that support the development of a strong community and support teachers in the use and refinement of  facilitation skills, so that classrooms are safe, connected learning communities where students lead the talking, thinking, interaction and learning. Participants will be guided through an interactive learning experience designed to support students’ reading comprehension and build a sense of community while facilitation techniques are demonstrated and experienced.

Presenters: Jolynn Bernard, MA, and Megan Randolph, Lake County K–5 Manager of Curriculum and Instruction

SEL Meets PBL: Building a Community through Authentic Learning and Performance Tasks

We believe the role of social-emotional learning is essential to core literacy instruction.  We will examine and experience teaching practices that support the intentional development of social-emotional competencies. These teaching practices will support students’ development as readers, writers, and critical thinkers. We will make deliberate connections to SEL teaching practices and the essential elements of inquiry-based learning to support the social and academic growth of the student. Voice, choice, revision, reflection, in-depth inquiry, authenticity, and more make significant impact when paired with the structures of social-emotional learning.

Presenters: Maria Arnett, MEd and Mary Tavegia, Collaborative Classroom; Peyton Anderson, PBL Specialist, and Lisa Micou, SEL Specialist, Chesterfield County Public Schools

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