Being a Writer, 2nd Ed., Student Writing Handbook, Grade 6: pack of 5

Item Number: BW2-SB6-Q5 | ISBN: 978-1-68246-294-2

A resource for student practice and reference, the program includes one Student Writing Handbook per student. It contains excerpts, practice activities, a spelling word bank, and proofreading notes.


Pack of 5. Consumable. One book per student.

Being a Writer Student Writing Handbook, Grade 6: pack of 5

A new edition of this program is available. Please see "Other Editions" below.

The handbook is an interactive, dynamic student tool that supports each week’s lesson with genre excerpts that are used for the development of writing conventions and skills. Each handbook also contains a word bank and a chart for recording proofreading notes and examples. Consumable.

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