Individualized Daily Reading Library: Essential Collection Fiction and Nonfiction, Grade 1

Item Number: IDR2-FNF1-S1 | ISBN: 978-1-61003-990-1

Give students daily opportunities to engage in wide reading through the Individualized Daily Reading (IDR) Library: Essential Collection. This 120-title collection is a high-quality addition to every classroom library, providing a wide range of books that inspire students to explore their interests, feed their imagination, and build knowledge as they read independently.

For educators implementing the Being a Reader comprehensive reading program, the IDR Essential Collection is an instructionally aligned and indispensable companion. The Essential Collection is strongly recommended with any purchase of Being a Reader.

Featuring many texts related to the topics, themes, genres, and text types in Being a Reader lessons, the Essential Collection offers further opportunities to extend the lessons, deepen understanding, expand background knowledge, and make text-to-text-connections.


120 books:

  • 60 fiction
  • 60 nonfiction

Texts for all readers:

  • 50 percent of books are on grade level
  • 25 percent are easier (1–1.5 grades below grade level)
  • 25 percent are challenging (1–1.5 grades above grade level)

Genres and topics include social studies, science, history, biography/memoir, nature, sports, animals, contemporary and historical fiction, mystery, humor, graphic novels, science fiction and fantasy.

Sample titles for this IDR collection (book titles subject to change):

Title Author
Astronaut Annie Suzanne Slade
Benny and Penny in the Big No-No! Geoffrey Hayes
A Birthday Basket for Tia Pat Mora
Can I Be Your Dog? Troy Cummings
Frank and Bean Jamie Michalak
Jack Blasts Off Mac Barnett
My Parents Think I’m Sleeping Jack Prelutsky
Penguin and Pinecone Salina Yoon
Quinito, Day and Night/ Quinito, Dia y Noche Ina Cumpiano
Ty’s Travels: Beach Day! Kelly Starling Lyons


Title Author
Biggest, Strongest, Fastest Steve Jenkins
Community Helpers at Home: A Day with a Librarian Derek Miller
Dentists Ariel Factor Birdoff
Disgusting Critters: The Bat Elise Gravel
I am Josephine (and I am a Living Thing) Jan Thornhill
Let’s Play Sports!: Baseball Tessa Kenan
My Aunt Is a Firefighter: Roles In My Community Sommer Conway
Red-eyed Tree Frog Joy Cowley
Science All Around Me: Changing Water Katie Peters
Toad Weather Sandra Markle


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