SIPPS Hi/Lo Fluency Practice Library, Grades 4–6 Set 1

Item Number: SPS-FL46-S1 | ISBN: 978-1-61003-739-6

Struggling readers in grades 4–6 appreciate these high-interest, controlled readability books that they can read independently. Perfect to use with the SIPPS Plus decoding program or as an addition to your classroom library to support independent reading. Set 1 of 2.


Title Author
Cave of the Bookworms Michael Dahl
Crash Ed Hansen
Dive Ed Hansen
Escape From the Pop-up Prison Michael Dahl
The Fairy Godmother Takes a Break Tony Bradman
Flyer M.G. Higgins
The Ghost Who Haunted the Capitol Steve Brezenoff
Kart Competition Jake Maddox
The Lewis and Clark Expedition Jessica Gunderson
The Lost House M. G. Higgins
Panic in the Snow Bonnie Highsmith Taylor
Peeking Under the Hood Esther Porter
Promises! Karen Tayleur
Racer M. G. Higgins
The Real Hannah Green Kathleen M. Muldoon
Smile Raina Telgemeier
Softball Surprise Jake Maddox
Speed, Strength, and Stealth Jody Sullivan Rake
Stranded at Sea Linnihan, Ellen
The Truth! Karen Tayleur