About The Center for the Collaborative Classroom

The Center for the Collaborative Classroom is a partnership of organizations dedicated to fostering the development of classrooms that are safe, supportive, academically rigorous, and engaging.

The Center provides information, resources, and opportunities for professional development to teachers, administrators, and parents who support the ideals of the Collaborative Classroom.

Collaborative Classrooms

The Collaborative Classroom is an intentional environment in which collaboration and social development are infused into academic learning. In Collaborative Classrooms, student collaboration goes beyond conventional cooperation and compliance. Instead, students become invested, caring members of a learning community. The practices of the Collaborative Classroom support students' development of skills they'll need to think, talk, and share ideas. Students come to empathize with and value the thinking of others. They also become thoughtful writers and readers, and conversationalists who are able to discuss and debate big ideas with respect, clarity, and understanding.

Current partners