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Inspire Your Students to Love Writing

Teachers are tasked with getting students to write with conviction and purpose, for multiple audiences, and to demonstrate their understanding. But teaching writing is not easy. Creating classroom experiences that develop a love of writing and allow children to express their thinking requires thoughtful, intentional instruction.

The Being a Writer program provides a writing-process approach to teaching writing that interweaves academic and social-emotional learning for K–6 students and professional development for teachers into daily instruction.

Using authentic children’s literature, the program provides support for creating a Collaborative Classroom environment where teachers facilitate student discussion, provide a model for the respectful exchange of ideas, and help students develop their own voice.

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Support for Instructional Best Practices

First-year teachers and seasoned educators alike can refine their craft with Being a Writer’s research-based curriculum and community-building structures. Professional development support includes:

  • Facilitation tips for teaching classroom routines
  • Technology tutorials integrated with the lessons
  • Online courses and webinars to deepen understanding of the program
  • Support for English Language Learners (ELLs)
  • Digital resources on the Learning Hub and linked throughout the Teacher’s Manual via 2D barcode

Collaboration with The National Writing Project

Districts implementing the Being a Writer program are partnering with local National Writing Project sites to provide long-term professional development that supports teachers as they develop their writing instruction skills and strategies. You can read more about the partnership on the National Writing Project’s resource site or download the flyer.

I have seen a huge transformation in a short time. I absolutely love it, and the kids absolutely love it. They don’t want to stop writing even after 15 to 20 minutes of writing.

Kim Simmons, grade 2 teacher

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Intentional Blending of Social and Academic Learning

Research has proven that when students feel connected to their school and peers, they perform better academically, are more motivated to achieve, and exhibit helpful behaviors toward others. Being a Writer’s daily routines are based on cooperative work and caring, respectful relationships. The program helps teachers take deliberate steps to create a classroom writing community where students feel empowered, supported in taking risks, and responsible to themselves and to the group.

Correlations to Common Core and Other State Standards

Being a Writer was designed to meet the rigorous demands of the Common Core and other state standards. To aid this effort, we have produced correlations of the standards to instruction at grade levels K–5, available in the form of sortable spreadsheets. The documents can be sorted by standard, unit, week, and even day of instruction. Any changes you make to a spreadsheet can be saved using “Save as” and renaming the document. 

Educators in Florida, Texas, and Virginia can download correlations here.

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