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19 hours 16 min ago
Let’s all take a deep breath and consider the purpose of the placement assessment for Being a Reader small-group instruction. Simply put, the assessment is used to place students at their instructional point of need within Being a Reader Small-group Reading....
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2 days 1 hour ago
In Part 1 of this blog, we offered planning and pacing suggestions for K–2 teachers who are implementing the Being a Writer program. Here, we provide pacing guidelines for the teachers of grades 3–6. We first share general information related to the...
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2 days 17 hours ago
When my school decided to adopt CCC's (then DSC’s) Making Meaning, Making Meaning Vocabulary, Being a Writer, and SIPPS programs (as well as a new math curriculum) all in the same school year, the elementary faculty was more than just a little... (3)
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4 days 1 hour ago
In our last after-school tip, we discussed the potential of your village and how to use all the people around you to help make your program more meaningful and engaging. This tip describes another way to make your program more meaningful by adding others to the mix.... (2)
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1 week 2 days ago
In this how-to video, Gina Fugnitto walks you through an exciting new feature in ClassView on the CCC Learning Hub that helps you further document student conferences across CCC Collaborative Literacy programs. What other features of the CCC Learning Hub might...
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1 week 2 days ago
Teachers implementing the Being a Writer curriculum often ask for a recommended order of instruction across the year and wonder how flexibly the program can be used. In this first post, we offer some planning and pacing suggestions to ensure writers in grades K–2... (1)
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1 week 3 days ago
In our last after-school tip, we discussed the importance of timing for the leader and how much a few minutes of planning can help to foster great facilitation. This tip talks about the importance of the village. “It takes a village” may be an overused...
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2 weeks 2 days ago
During their educational careers, students are exposed to many wonderful picture books. Along with interacting with the text itself, students also learn about the authors behind those picture books. Although it is very interesting to learn about the lives and interests...
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2 weeks 3 days ago
Last summer I was lucky enough or I should say old enough to attend my 40th class reunion. Having grown up in the small town of Meeker, Colorado, 22 of the 47 souls that I had attended kindergarten through twelfth grade with got together to reminisce. It was such a joy...
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3 weeks 9 hours ago
In our last after-school tip, we discussed the importance of timing when planning activities for young people. This tip addresses the importance of time in a different way. Give Lead-time to Leaders Time to prepare is always an issue. We all struggle with the lack of... (1)