New Study Shows SIPPS Meets ESSA Level 2 Requirements: Program Accelerates Acquisition of Foundational Skills for Striving Readers

To ensure literacy success, it is essential that all students engage with curricula that have a strong evidence base. For our striving readers, an evidence-based intervention program is even more important. Providing a strong intervention allows these students to accelerate their progress to achieve reading success, and the earlier we are able to intervene and shift the trajectory of reading development, the more likely it is that our students will become thoughtful, independent readers.

New, Quasi-Experimental Study Provides Further Evidence

Multiple studies have shown that SIPPS (Systematic Instruction in Phonological Awareness, Phonics, and Sights Words) improves foundational reading skills. Center for the Collaborative Classroom is excited to announce that a new, quasi-experimental study provides further evidence that using SIPPS for intervention has a significant impact on students’ reading achievement.

Conducted in partnership with SEG Measurement, the study involved 600 first- and second-grade students in Pasco County School District, Florida who had been identified to receive reading intervention. Pasco is one of the 50 largest school districts in the nation.

This study took place over the course of the Fall 2021 semester and measured the impact of three full months of intervention on students’ reading growth as measured by DIBELS®

While continuing to receive classroom reading instruction, students in the study also received either SIPPS or an alternative intervention selected from the district menu of choices. Students assigned to the SIPPS treatment group were statistically matched with students receiving the alternative intervention (the control group).

Study Results: The Impact of SIPPS

At the conclusion of the study, students who received SIPPS for intervention achieved significantly greater reading growth than their peers who received a different intervention. The observed effect size was .25 (Cohen’s d), a clear indication that in just three months, SIPPS made a significant difference for students with reading difficulties.

This study supports what other studies have found: SIPPS accelerates the acquisition of foundational skills for students who are in need of additional support.

“SIPPS provides teachers and students with strong and concise routines that help students focus on the learning and acquire new skills,” says Danielle Varcardipone, Senior Instructional Specialist at Pasco County Schools. “The program accelerates learners through a systematic scope and sequence that utilizes research-based best practices for literacy instruction.” 

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