Caring School Community

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CSC Overview
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The Caring School Community (CSC) program is a nationally recognized, research-based program for grades K–6 that builds classroom and schoolwide community while developing students’ social and emotional (SEL) skills and competencies.

CSC strengthens students’ connectedness to school—an important element for increasing academic motivation and achievement and for reducing violence and delinquency.

Class Meetings, a cross-age buddies program, and Homeside Activities, and Schoolwide Community-Building Activities help students develop respect for each other and take ownership for their learning and behavior. Download the first eight weeks of Class Meetings to see how CSC can help you:

  • Build relationships among students
  • Address problematic playground behaviors
  • Set classroom norms, and more

If you’re not taking care of the social-emotional learning you’re not going to get to the other learning.

Nima Tahai, principal, Oakland Unified School District

Our Implementation Resources can help support SEL practices in your school or district:

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