Colorado READ Act

State-Approved Instructional Programs and Professional Learning

The Colorado Reading to Ensure Academic Development Act (Colorado READ Act) focuses on early literacy development for all K–3 students. The Colorado Department of Education (CDE) provides districts with the READ Act Advisory List of Instructional Programming, which is rigorously vetted for alignment with the Science of Reading and evidence-based practices in literacy instruction. 

Collaborative Classroom is proud to have Being a Reader (core instruction) and SIPPS (intervention) on the CDE’s READ Act Advisory List of Instructional Programming. Also approved is professional learning to support the implementation of these programs.


Core Instruction

Being a Reader, Second Edition

Being a Reader’s evidence-based instruction ensures that students acquire effortless and fluent word recognition while at the same time developing skills that support comprehension of complex text.

Aligned Intervention

SIPPS, Fourth Edition

Approved by CDE for the third time, the SIPPS K–12 research-based program provides a structured literacy approach to foundational skills through explicit instructional routines.

Professional Learning

Flexible Professional Learning Plans to Support Your Implementation

To support your program implementation, we offer a variety of learning pathways that can be facilitated in-person, virtually, or led by lead teachers/coaches at your school or district.

60-Day Trial

Get full digital access to Being a Reader and SIPPS for 60 days.

Meet Your Partner in Colorado
Paula Kavalec, MEd

Paula Kavalec is your Collaborative Classroom partner.

Paula began her career as a Title One Interventionist and earned her principal licensure and second Master’s degree in educational leadership through the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. 

Prior to joining Collaborative Classroom in 2022, Paula served as assistant principal and principal at Falcon Elementary School, where she led the implementation of Collaborative Classroom programs: Collaborative Literacy, SIPPS, and Caring School Community (Read an Interview with Paula here). At Collaborative Classroom, she is continuing her commitment to ensuring that all students become critical readers, writers, and thinkers through supporting and empowering teachers with the tools for success.

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