Maximize the Impact of Your Relief Funds

ESSER-Eligible, Evidence-Based Resources

How will you maximize the impact of your COVID relief funds? The Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) Fund — as mandated by federal COVID Relief Acts CARES, CRRSA, and ARP — provides funding to school districts to respond to students’ post-pandemic needs.

Collaborative Classroom resources are ESSER-eligible and grounded in our dual commitments to evidence-based literacy instruction and social skills development.

Accelerate Literacy Learning and Support Social Development

At least 20% of a district’s COVID relief funds must be used to address disrupted learning through evidence-based interventions that support the academic and social-development needs of students.

Learn how our programs accelerate literacy learning, develop social skills, and build supportive classrooms in which all students thrive.


Being A Reader: Comprehensive Reading Instruction

Intervention, K–12

SIPPS: Foundational Skills Mastery with a Structured-Literacy Approach

Writing, K–5

Being a Writer: Comprehensive Instruction in a Supportive Writing Community

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), K–8

Caring School Community: A CASEL SELect Program

Professional Learning

Continuously Building Teacher Practice and Expertise

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