Alice Burkart

Alice Burkart

Independent Representative

California, Nevada

Alice Burkart has been an independent educational representative for Collaborative Classroom in Northern/Central California and Nevada for over 20 years. She is committed and passionate about the work CC does to build academic and social capabilities in children and teachers through educative and respectful curricula.

Alice’s background in education has spanned teaching both children and college students, developing and implementing teacher training and adult learning programs, and writing and producing educational media. Career experiences have included programming and training for KQED Instructional Television, writing and producing training and marketing videos for educational and private companies, working as a marketing director for both public and private organizations, and many years of working as an independent educational consultant and publisher’s representative for a wide variety of publishing organizations and professional development companies.

Alice has a B.A. in Children’s Education Through Mass Communication from California State University, Chico, and an M.A. in Educational Technology from San Francisco State University.

Alice finds partnering with schools and districts to find the best curriculum for students and professional development for staff to be the most fulfilling part of her day (outside of walking her pugs along Butte Creek).