Babak Movahed

Babak Movahed

Manager of Educational Partnerships

Southern California

Babak Movahed is a Manager of Educational Partnerships in Southern California. He has over a decade of experience working in education, holding multiple roles as a classroom teacher. Babak first discovered his passion for teaching while working as a tutor as an undergraduate. From that point forward, he was determined to develop as an educator. After completing his graduate studies, Babak became a middle and high school English teacher, a role that eventually provided the opportunity to serve as an English Department Head and Vice Principal. As he developed his pedagogy and academic programming, Babak became eager to explore the publishing side of education. He took on a role as a Professional Development Specialist for an assessment and publishing company, thus gaining a new perspective into the world of education.

Babak now brings his unique background and insights into his role as a Manager of Educational Partnerships. His goal is to holistically and creatively partner with educators to support students in becoming fluent and confident readers. As a lifelong reader, Babak is passionate about literacy for all and will do whatever it takes to support that mission.

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