Being a Reader, 1st Edition, Small-group Reading Set 4

Item Number: BR-SRK2-S4 | ISBN: 978-1-61003-799-0

Small-group Reading Set 4 lessons cover r-controlled vowels to support emerging readers. The set includes 12 fiction and nonfiction controlled-vocabulary texts that correspond to the lessons.


Includes the Being a Reader Small-group Reading Set 4 Teacher’s Manual, 6 copies of each text, and 7-year access to digital resources on the Learning Portal

Title Author
Bird School Amy Helfer
A Cold Ride Amy Helfer
Fox Spills the Stars Amy Helfer
Get Out and Get Fit Amy Helfer
A Good Team Kenni Alden
A Hike by the Lake Corinn Kintz
Life in a Plains Tribe, Part 1 Corinn Kintz
Life in a Plains Tribe, Part 2 Corinn Kintz
Out My Window Amy Bauman
Sharks! Amy Helfer
Snakes! Amly Helfer
What Little Deer Eat Amy Bauman

Book titles subject to change