Being a Reader, 1st Edition, Small-group Reading Set 5

Item Number: BR-SRK2-S5 | ISBN: 978-1-61003-800-3

Small-group Reading Set 5 lessons cover complex vowels and two-syllable decoding to support emerging readers. The set includes 21 fiction and nonfiction controlled-vocabulary texts that correspond to the lessons.


Includes the Being a Reader Small-group Reading Set 5 Teacher’s Manual, 6 copies of each text, and 7-year access to digital resources on the Learning Portal

Title Author
Fun Forts Lucy Bledsoe
Ann’s Book Club Lucy Bledsoe
Ants, Moths, and Wasps Lucy Bledsoe
Have You Ever? Margaret Goldberg
Spring on the Farm Rob Arego
Animal Homes Rob Arego
A Play Day with My Brother Ray Lucy Bledsoe
Cook Food on a Campfire Lucy Bledsoe
Sailboats Lucy Bledsoe
Ball Games Erica Green
Dance! Valerie Fraser
New School Kenni Alden
Sunny Days, Starry Nights Corinn Kintz
Scout’s Puppies Kenni Alden
The Night Skies Kenni Alden
The Desert Rob Arego
The Silver Coins Rob Arego
The Four Seasons Rob Arego
Grizzly Bears Lucy Bledsoe
Glaciers Kenni Alden
Glaciers and the Earth Kenni Alden